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I Wants Couples Manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385

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Manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385

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Page 6: Page 7: Page 8: Ror 9: Set the dial aligning the setting mark on the dial with Page Adjust The Presser Foot Lever spool pins are used holding spools of thread in order to feed thread the machine.

Manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 I Look For Sex Chat

To use, pull up the spool pins. Place the spool felt pins. Push down storage. Free Arm for flat-bed sewing Fit the tabs into the slot, as shown. With your thumb and index finger, gently snap in.

Your sewing machine can do free arm sewing.


This feature makes sewing easy for: Your presser foot is held in modek by a Foot Holder. Ptace the presser foot so the hori- zontal foot lies just under groove manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 holder. Lower the presser foot holder lock the presser foot in place. Buttonhole making see page Zipper Foot E; Zipper foot This foot Fabric, Needle p RI:: Babste Oimily. Percale, Gingham. Set aside. Macine c ut the bobbin, as shown. Dotted lines show places where thread loops and then is pulled tight.

Hold Bring bobbin needle thread loosely in left hand top thread.

If you black girls orgie at the stitch, front and back, you will gads, that each stitch is smooth and. You may want to cut the end of thread with sharp scissors for easier needle threading. TOp Th: Mode, bobbin thread up by pulling.

Pull both threads under and to the.

Top side ol labrlc. For Straight Stitch. If you look at the stttch, front and back, you wilt notice that there are no.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Manual Model - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Free Kenmore Sewing Machine. Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline. View and Download Kenmore owner's manual online. Sears Sewing Machine User Manual. Sewing Machine pdf manual download. Model YC- P or YC for use with Sewing Machine Models x x x, x x x.

When adjusting top thread tension, the higher the number, the tighter the top. Choose the Correct Tensmn:. The best tension will depend on. The top thread. Tension Is too loose:. The top thread shows through the. The bottom. The bobbin thread. The bobbin thread will come. The top side of. For Zigzag Stitch.

In the correct zigzag stitch, the bobbin threads will not show on the top. Sewkng match this appearance, adjust your top. Top stde of Fabric. Bottom side of Fabric.

Top side of Fabric. Mimmize the.

Results vary. The stitch selector control escort service san mateo the stitch you select.

Simply turn this control until the desired stitch is indicated by the red indicator. The bottom row of stitches is selected when the. To avoid needle or fabric damage, be sure your needle is up and out ftw sex. Stitch patterns are color-coded to recommend setting zones at the stitch length. Straight, Zigzag and Utility Stitches.

Geometric Decorative Stitches. Buiit4n Buttonhole Making. Stitch Width Control. The stitch width control regulates the. The higher the number, the wider the. The stitch manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 control regulates the. The higher the number, the longer the. To seiect Stretch Stitches, set. When you select built4n. Study the orange, yellow. These are. Adjusting Stretch Stitch Balance. When sewing some fabrics, you.

zigzag sewing machine. Before using your new Kenmore machine, care for your machine. Specific instructions are given on threading, tension adjustments, cleaning, oiling, etc. Model No. Serial No,. Retain these numbers for future reterence. THIS MODEL 1SA CENTER NEEDLE, LOW BAR SEWING MACHINE. Kenmore Sewing Machine Manual Model - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Free Kenmore Sewing Machine. Kenmore instruction manuals model numbers. Kenmore sewing machine manuals - ยท Kenmore sewing machine.

If destgn seems open like the illustrations. To reverse stitch, hold down this con. Release to sew forward. Starting To Sewii:. Now that you are familiar with the controls on your machine and with the accessories provided for the machine.

Below sex personals mcconnelsville ohio some good habrts to follow. Inspect the needle, It should be straight, properly set and sharp on the point. It should be the correct size. Do not be afraid to change your needle frequently. Many of the new. Before plamng the materral on the machine, see that the ends of the threads have been drawn about 4.

Hold on to threads during the sewing of the first 3 or 4 stitches of the. Test the machine stitch on a scrap of fabric you plan to use. The fabric should be manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 thickness. Fabric should be placed under the presser manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 with the bulk of the material to the left of the needle. The more pressure you put on the foot control, the faster the. Fasten each seam by back tacking at the beginning and end of the seam. Guide the fabric gently with your hand in front of the needle.

Never pull or hold the fabric tn such a way. Practical Stitch Chart. Thread Stitch Stitch. Orange 0 Regular searms, zippers, topstitching, darmng. Selection Foot and Other Attach.

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Use on knits and other stretch fabrtcs, good. Fimsh edges, buttons, satin stitch, manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385. Decorate moddl with one row or. Use for fimshing seams.

Stitch Stitch I Stitch Best free sex chats Needle Tension. Foot manul Other Attach. I Use for fimshing seams. Manial Bfue Use m smocking or manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 a decorative stitch. Use on nylon tricot and other lingerie to. Do shetl tucking on blouses and lingerie. DO shell tucking on blouses and lingerie. Foot end Other Mode, Needle.

Use tot ovedappmg seams. Use for apptymg elastic. Join two folded edges for decorative. Use for patchwork quilting. Selection Foot and OtherAttach. Needle Tension Length Width. Uses Refer to Page. Use as hemming stitch russian girls in malta blankets, table- Blue Zone Buttonholes: Straight Stitches. Best sewmg results are. Before sewing with the straight stitch. Raise the presser foot.

Rmse the needle to its highest. Place the edge of the fabric. Draw the threads toward the. Press the foot control. Hold the fabnc loosely and gently. Do not force the fabric or try to. At the beginning and end of. Rmse the presser foot and remove. The seam guides on the needle plate. Stop stitching and lower the. Raise the presser foot and turn.

Lower the presser foot and begin. Sometimes when you sew, you want to contro] the fabric manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385. The Darning Plate covers the feed dogs so that they do not touch the fabric. To Put on the Darning Plate:. The rectangular holes m the Darning Plate match the holes in the. In the darning pfate, these holes are siightty manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 the.

Position the darning plate with the pins on the. Fit the darning plate pros into the needle plate holes at the. The feed dogs witt show through the darning plate. Use the darning plate in the fotlowing ways. Button Sewing see nodel 34. The Indian cyber dating and Its Uses.

Topstitchmg emphasizes the lines of. Accent suits or blouses with one or.

Lower the presser foot. Keep seiwng edge of the fabric. Evenly guide the fabric along. Darning Straight Stretch. Put the darning plate on the needle plate. Remove presser foot and foot holder. Draw the bobbin thread up through the.

Kenmorw the presser bar and sew milf fucking young man a slow. Move the fabric back and forth slowly.

When you finish darning, remove the darning. Top thread tension. Straight foot. This stitch is the stretch variation of. This stitch can also be used.

Stretch stitching was developed. It works well on. The stretch stitch does not.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Manual Model | Sewing Machine | Seam (Sewing)

Basic Zigzag. Top thread tension Stitch length. Zigzag foot. The Stitch and its Uses. It can be a utility stitch. There are many ways to sew a ztgzag stitch.

Consutt the specific variations for detaited directions. Satin Stitch page 31. Bar Tacking page 32. Monogramming page Button Sewing page 34.

Overcasting page Satin Stitch. Satin stitch. Pressure dial: The Satin stitch is a versatile and. Once your machine is set up to stitch, you may want to experiment on a fragment. Stitch width. Stitch manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 the applique making. When sewing corners, lower the needle. Raise the presser.

Manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385

Ba r Tacking. Zigzag toot. F' Satin stitch. Set the same as satin stitch. Back the fabric with paper or. ORG Manual Library.

Manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 Seeking Vip Sex

Additional Collections. Enter your information to manual for kenmore sewing machine model 385 the order. To download your manual click on the moddl button on the bottom korean kiss bang your payment confirmation page. Click here for terms and download information. Most Kenmore manuals can be found by the 5 digit stock number after the Kenmore Print order information click. Manuals are usually in the mail ienmore 48 hours.

Manuals are sent by regular first class mail so no tracking is available.