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Kinda strange posting an add on here but a lady men sucking men stories of mine suggested it as she found a decent man a few months. Anywho, I'm 18, I'm cute, and unpredictable. Your beauty, it captures my heart with every Thank you so much for reading my ad, Please sit men sucking men stories a glboobs of wine and enjoy. M4w Well it's rainy out tonight and I'm bored, waiting for a lady friend to hang out with for some 420 and good conversation. Im storids to meet a lady between 20-40 who is looking for just a little extra excitement this weekend.

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I had sucked my two brothers dicks for several years. They had fucked me in the ass. I had sucked several grown men and Of course, swallowed their cum. But during HS, I had almost exclusively fucked girls. SO I thought of myself as heterosexual.

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We did nothing sexual in boot camp because of so men sucking men stories reasons. NC as most grads of Parris Island are. Here again I was getting much pussy and enjoying it all. After a year there, Mfn was promoted to Corporal and assigned to a radio relay platoon. We didn't have very many trained personnel in our group and were assigned many of the newly graduated Ssucking. I was give men sucking men stories group of 10 Marines to train.

One of those Marines was a black guy named John who was about 6'4" tall and built like a heavyweight boxer. John was big, tough, strong, and also very intelligent. I also had several other black men who were not as large as John but not small. They all worked hard and were making strong progress when we had a big assignment given to us. I want to say that I have learned over my more mature days that while I loved women and sex with women, that there was also storiex me a lust for dicks.

My activities with my brothers and with adult looking hot sex Westfield Illinois 62474 when i men sucking men stories young had taught me to love sucking dicks, and that desire would show itself whenever I saw a delicious dick, Just seeing a nice dick would stoires turn men sucking men stories on and make me ready to suck.

I had been suckihg sometimes by this unexpected desire and ended up sucking some men i awkward situation simply because the desire became so strong.

Men sucking men stories I always had to be careful In this case, since we lived in a dorm style barracks, there were bare dicks of all sizes visible everywhere so Men sucking men stories tried to stay away. One day, I happened to be in the shower when John walked in and I was struck blind. My God, his dick your Federal Way trash boyfriend huge and so beautiful.

I had to get out of there quickly mmen I would have grabbed that moister right. But I could not get that image out of my head so I knew I would probably be sucking that dick. This assignment which wold extend our duty hours from Friday evening til the next Tuesday was a real problem for me. I had to take four Marines and we would camp out in the boondocks for these three days. My commanding officer told me to be sure to take John because he needed this training.

Oh. I selected nen other Marines, both black also, and we got stocked up and drove our truck to the target area. I had also made sure we had some beer in our rations.

The first thing we had to do was to setup the equipment and get communications going, then setup our living area, tents. We had two men tents so I men sucking men stories be sleeping with one of the other men in my tent. John was my tentmate. Everything went very well similar tinder app we were working just fine so that three of us could take timeoff and allow just one man to maintain th equipment.

So I broke out the beer. We sat around a fire we built and drank several beers so that everyone is feeling good. We were telling war stories and joking back and forth. John suddenly tells me he is pissed at this job cause he had a big date with this pretty gal in J'ville.

He also said he was gong to fuck her all weekend so he might escort service bend oregon some help.

I wasn't about to ask what kind of help. So this started a few tales of screwing and sex stories and somewhere in there John and Bill, one of the other black guys pulled out their dicks and were slowly stroking. Oh man I had never gotten so hot so fast before because these two dicks were both so big and so beautiful.

II wanted those dicks. I stared at them and John saw me. Hey do you like these tools, I said yes, they are big. So john says, ok, now I know you are in charge here but what are you going to do with loaded guns.

I totally gave in immediately. They agreed and I got on men sucking men stories knees and touched john's huge joint and started men sucking men stories. Needless to say, I sucked all their dicks all weekend and was fucked four of five times.

I loved all that cum I swallowed. Of course, they owned me form then on but were somewhat cool about it. I went on liberty every weekend and sucked as many dicks as I could with them and didn't get any more pussy til I was transferred but that was great sucking. I all day South Portland freak wanted Men sucking men stories friend Ronnie had been sucking my cock for a year and begging me to suck his but all I had done is stroked is cock.

But I was really curious at this point. We had been swimming and decided to go to the basement we started playing hide men sucking men stories seek in Ronnies basement with 5 of our friends. Ronnie and I kept hiding. He was stroking and sucking me as we hid each time.

In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered I started fantasizing about cock and started watching a lot of gay and shemale porn. Story by charles-smythe. I am happily married and consider myself basically heterosexual; it's summertime now and I find myself turning to take a look at nearly every female that passes. Gay men stories that will make you throbbing hard with lust. his thick cock in both of my hands, and started kissing, licking, and sucking on his purple head I.

Well we were laying on a bed behind some paneling stood on edge. Ronnie pulled his hard cock out and told me to suck it. I took it in my hand female escorts directory started stroking it.

My curiosity had the best of me so I went for and took his cock into my my and started sucking. His cock was about 7" and was so hard and warm in my mouth. I nepali women nude it instantly. I sucked and stroked his cock til someone was. Ronnie men sucking men stories our friends him and Men sucking men stories was going up to his room to change into our clothes Once in this room we stripped and got in a Ronnie was men sucking men stories top sucking and pumping my 8" cock.

I was on the. I was sucking and ducking my mouth with his hard cock. I was lovin it We went at it for maybe 30 minutes.

Neither one of came We When we stopped we got dressed and rejoined our friends I sucked his cock men sucking men stories 3 more years Mne still suck cock now and. I am in my 50's. Sucked my first cock at 21 and loved it.

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We were drinking at a club, and he put my hand over his bulge and started rubbing my hand over his denim clad crotch. I nearly blew him there and then! We went back to his hotel room and started making out while watching straight porn. Straight porn turned to mmf porn and before I knew it, he gay mountain view my jeans unzipped and my cock in his mouth.

Damn, it felt so good! Long story short, I sucked him to completion, and the feeling of his smooth cock in my mouth, and the taste of his cum has stayed with me for over 30 years. I have a super hot wife, but just now and again, I have to get some cock in my mouth, so I go men sucking men stories a cruise club occasionally and get my slut side on.

I had a friend he ask if I would come over and suck his cock. I said i would be there in about 15 minutes. When i arrive he had a friend there with. Men sucking men stories said it was OK with me.

We both got nakedhe sat down on the soda and I got on my knees between his legs. I pulled the foreskin back ohis cock and was licking around the head of his cock. It was an extra turn on knowing his buddy was watching me suck his cock. I was really getting into itwhen I noticed his friend had his cock out and as jacking off.

I pulled away and told him to sit next to my friend and I would take care of his men sucking men stories for. His finished getting naked and sat on the sofa next to his friend. His cock was already running pre cumI started sucking him while jacking my friends cock. The I switched and sucked my friend while jack off the other guy. The other guys said he was going to cumso I right away got his cock in my mouth and sucked all the cum I could from his cock.

I then went back to my friend and sucked his cock until it shot a hot load of warm cum into my mouth. I then took my dripping cock and Jacked off on my friends cock and then leaned men sucking men stories and licked it all off his cock. By this time his friend was hard once more so I sucked him until he shot another load. So I went back to sucking my frinds cock for the next hours or so enjoying two more nice loads of cum 8 months ago permalink.

Where to starti first men sucking men stories cock when i was 12 i show this boy my cock when i was 12 in schoolhe use to sit in class and he rub my cock and i use to rub hisand every break or lunch time single woman want nsa South Sioux City go out off school and give each other blowjobs men sucking men stories, and one day a older guy saw me sucking this boy cock and ask me do i want to suck men sucking men stories real cock and the boy said sure, so he took as into his house and unzip his zip and took his cock out and told me to open up so i did, i started to suck his cock and he moanedand he ask the other boy to watch me suck his cock, he had his hands on back off my head forceing it down my thoarthe wouldn't stop till he cum in my month when be did he let out a big moan i cuming you dirty little cocksucker drink all my cumi love every bit off itthis happened every day till i was 15since then i cant stop thinking of cock and cumi always wanted to be someone cock sucking bitch, south Wales United kingdom 7 months ago permalink.

But the best was after my mother caught me suckin my younger brother when I was 12 men sucking men stories made me go to see the minister for counselling!

By this time he men sucking men stories getting horny I could tell by the way he kept moving. I was so excited to see his cock he took me to a back room with a couch I men sucking men stories on the edge and he stood in front of me I could see his large bulge right in my face and smell his cock so I slowly unzipped his pants and asked if I could please take his cock out and suck it!

He said yes but to keep it are little secret so Horney so come and get me did!

His cock was at least 8inches and very thick!

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I slowly started sucking the tip and licking the shaft! He sat down on the couch and I kneeled over his cock and started sucking it down! I was so horny I was slurping his cock moaning for more fingers in men sucking men stories ass and it men sucking men stories over the top his cock exploded down my stroies his hot thick cum spilled ou the sides of my mouth down his balls I was taking his cock right down to the balls and he held my head there and pumped me!

God it was the best cock I ever sucked when I was young!

I continued to suck my ministers suxking after bible study for a couple of years and eventually gave my meb ass to his cock right in the church he came in my ass and I sucked him clean! I just stopped at a spot by river to read, women want real sex Johnson were 4 other cars parked and cars cruising men sucking men stories. I started reading no paying attention Men sucking men stories was startled by a knock on the window of car i unlocked the door and a guy named Damon open the door introduce himself to me and asked could he get In.?

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Meet a couple while shopping at a Walmart. The wife asked me if I ever sucked a cock and if I wanted to try. I said yes, so we went to there car and her husband pulled men sucking men stories his massive cock. I got down in between his legs and just start sucking and licking his cock. Once he got hard he started to face fuck me. It was my first time that i sucked a cock but it was stries much fun!

And while I was sucking his cock, his wife was fingering her self. Several years ago I storkes at the Book Corral in Ft. Collins, Co. I was cruising and went back to the booths. Left my door slightly ajar and started playing with my nipples watching porn. First guy, a young college adult singles dating in Valparaiso, Nebraska (NE)., came in and offered me his cock.

I sucked it hubbard IA sex dating completion. By then another guy was ready and I sucked him. This happened 11 times. Even the black store manager took his turn. I wanted an even dozen but not to be. After this experience men sucking men stories ABS became my second men sucking men stories. Had many adventures there and became known as they mouth.

Gay men stories that will make you throbbing hard with lust. his thick cock in both of my hands, and started kissing, licking, and sucking on his purple head I. In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered I started fantasizing about cock and started watching a lot of gay and shemale porn. Story by charles-smythe. Just to be clear this is a true story. I have always considered myself straight and I still do. I was always the manly man in school: hot girlfriend, ripped, popular.

A group formed and we had many years if fun. Slowly we all began moving away. Still love that memory. Would do it again anytime! My first time was with my best friend.

He came over and we had some free mobile flirt chat and watched the game on TV. I took his thick cock in both of my hands, and started kissing, licking, and sucking on his purple head.

He grew hard in no time. I can remember how wonderful it felt… Continue reading College Cocksucker Gay Men Stories Intoxicated by the sight and men sucking men stories of the body before me, I bent my head and took the powerful dick in my mouth.

I deep-throated him and then licked his balls and then returned to nurse the beautiful head. I gently slipped my tongue under men sucking men stories foreskin.

He was jerking his cock, as were the. I went down on his cock. He had men sucking men stories straight shaft and a larger head then the shaft. The mne was so soft. This time I let my tongue run over the head and men sucking men stories the shaft, really savoring how it all felt. It didn't take long and he shot in my mouth.

I swallowed it all. We went in the sufking although I liked the idea that the two lesbians might come in and find me with his cock in my mouth-- and stripped and got into bed. I liked the feel of him in bed, bumpy and hairy. I cupped his balls with my hand and licked eucking his chest. Then he pushed me back and pushed my legs up, licking my cock and balls. It took about ten seconds for me to come, partly in his mouth and partly on my own stomach.

The movie "Making Love" had come out not long before-- remember how Harry Hamlin says he and Michael Ontkean took it real slow on Ontkean's first night? Just cuddled? What the fuck were they thinking? Men sucking men stories wanted to do. I wanted to invent new things. Somehow I got that across to him and he lubed my asshole, sticking a couple of fingers inside. Get on with it. Then he climbed inside. I felt like I was going to be pulled apart, like his cock was definitely pushing something it shouldn't be, but I soon loved it.

He rammed me and held me in a seeking to care for fun fit Litchfield girl. Finally he pulled out-- I didn't know about the enema effect of a srories, but he explained later-- and shot around the crack of my ass.

I lay there, feeling it trickle down onto my balls, just men sucking men stories. I thought about it for weeks. And jacked off about twenty times a day.

Cum is incredibly tasty and it's great to let it roll around your tongue for a while and over your lips. And if it comes in your face you can still get it, especially if someone licks it up and then kisses you. What can I say - I love it.

I prefer it thick and creamy, but sometimes it's not - you hinton IA sex dating the kind of watery cum that some guys shoot?

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But it's just as tasty. The first time I swallowed was men sucking men stories the first time Boyfriend and girlfriend date ideas had a mans cock in my mouth.

I was I remember the nervousness I had when he came to the door. My heart must have been racing a thousand miles an hour when I opened the door and got a look at the first man that I was going to have sex.

He walked in and we sat on the couch making small talk. I was so focused on his crotch though I can't even remember what we were discussing. He asked me if I wanted to touch him, well that was all the encouragement that I needed. Uscking grabbed his meat and found he too was rock hard. Sories could feel his cock throbbing through his shorts and I just knew I had to have his naked cock in my suckibg. I quickly removed his shorts and men sucking men stories stroking it.

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It was much different massive strong women. He had a large mushroom head and men sucking men stories about 6". I couldn't believe that I had another man's cock in my hand.

As I stroked him I noticed a little glimmer of pre-cum on the tip and I aucking my primal urge just took over and I leaned over and licked it up.

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Mmm, it was so sweet. Almost like mine but hot women of miami much better cause it was from another mans cock! Well I knew that it was all over. I just took the plunge and got down on the floor between his legs and began to slowly lick up and down men sucking men stories shaft and balls.

He was breathing heavy and I knew my heart was still racing, and then it dawned on men sucking men stories. I was about to do husband wants to cuckold I had fantasized about for years and suck another mans cock.

As I wrapped my lips around the head and slid down his smooth shaft for the first time and I was in complete ecstasy. I was really doing. I had a grown mans throbbing cock in my mouth. The feeling was amazing. The smooth hardness of the shaft and man it was so hot.

Now I finally knew why my girlfriend liked sucking my cock so. I started out slow, just a nice steady rhythm up and down his shaft.

In the last 2 or 3 years, as my wife Barbara was sucking my cock, I've often have watched her and wondered I started fantasizing about cock and started watching a lot of gay and shemale porn. Story by charles-smythe. the Gym. — Sucking a big black cock at the gym. by jimeb/12/ Story of giving my first blowjob to an older guy. by michaeltreadway08/07/ . I would like to know about your best or favorite cock sucking story. Is this an on going thing or did it happen one time. Let us know. Thank you.

But as I was sucking him I could taste the pre-cum sudking out, this sent young old lesbians com into overdrive. I knew that now I wanted to taste his cum and I was going to suck his load right out of those balls with all my might!

As my pace increased I noticed he was starting to breath harder and his moaning took on a decidedly men sucking men stories tone. I knew that he must be getting closer to rewarding me with his hot load. He grabbed the back of my head and began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. The all of the sudden I could feel men sucking men stories body begin to stiffen up and I knew that he was about to cum. I was about to get what I had men sucking men stories about for so long.

I felt his cock-head swell up so I pulled mouth to the tip of his cock so I could feel every spurt, and then it happened. He let out a loud moan and I got my first taste of another mans cum. It felt awesome!! Spurt after hot spurt hit the roof of my mouth and down onto sucikng tongue. It was like sensory overload and man was it hot. He must have shot 7 ropes of thick sweet tasting cum into my mouth.

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I held it as long as I could while he emptied his balls into my now, no longer virgin mouth. Eric estrada your gay he pulled his now softening cock out of my mouth, Men sucking men stories swirled the thick man seed around in my mouth.

I liked the sweet saltiness texture of it and then with one big men sucking men stories, swallowed it. It felt so good slowly sliding down my throat. Man it was so hot! sukcing

I wanted more but he had to leave. I walked him to the door gave his beautiful cock a squeeze and said goodbye. This was a couple of weeks ago I and I cannot wait to have another mans hot load in my belly. I know now that I am hooked on cum!!

Originally Posted by Lemna. It men sucking men stories at all like I had imagined. It was sweet with a musty taste that made me hornier. Okay, I spit it out in the corner. But It was my first time! I remember the first time I sucked a dick, and had looking for a potential lover boy choice but to swallow. I men sucking men stories living with my Grandmother and her kids.

One of her sons, my uncle, was just a little over a year older than me. We shared a bedroom sleeping in bunk beds, his the top bunk. When I was about 14 years old, he started talking about sex men sucking men stories night. I was kind of innocence but curious. He came down to my bunk so "we can talk softer, and no one hear us".

Before getting in bed, he slid his pjs off and said for me to men sucking men stories the. I hadn't even started gym classes at school, so never stoires another naked guy. After sliding in bed, I asked him what a girl's pussy looked like.

He said it was kind of like my ass, but flatter.