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Inin Lubbock, Texas, a sting operation in a lingerie shop resulted in the arrest of the clerk on duty. The employee was threatened with registration as a sex offender.

Apparently, the sex toys gathered as evidence sex store in lubbock tx the store were considered criminal enough to threaten a shop worker with 15 years of humiliation, housing restrictions, and job sexy kamala. But Texas is not unique in its long-running criminalization of sex toys.

How can these laws possibly exist when Lawrence v. Texas affirmed a right to private sexual conduct that sex toy lubbok plainly violate? Moreover, Lawrence v.

luubbock Certainly people in non-heteronormative relationships fall into this category as they may rely on sex toys to produce desired sensations that are otherwise unattainable.

These absurd restrictions also create a taboo around sex toys.

As a result, people, including regulatory organizations, are uncomfortable acknowledging the prevalence of sex toys in the lives of the American public. Subsequently, regulatory organizations do not apply the level of scrutiny required of widely-used devices.

If you hear that a material called phthalates can only compose 0. A material known to cause severe birth defects is readily allowed in products for internal use.

The lack of FDA regulation means that manufacturers have little fear of retribution from their empty promises. The government has a responsibility to protect consumer health.

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That is why organizations such as the FDA exist. Sex toys are over-regulated legally and under-regulated for safety.

They enforce the stigma against sex, which in turn leads to nonchalant regulation of devices intended for internal use. The fact is sex toys sell. This article was written by: