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What is sex like yahoo answers I Wanting Hookers

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What is sex like yahoo answers

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Sex is a personal thing duhand sometimes you've got questions about it that you're just not comfortable asking your doctor, your priest, or your congressman.

Fortunately, the Internet's full of strangers who may or may not be qualified to answer your burning questions, and it affords you the anonymity necessary to ask them without shame.

But what exactly do people ask about? Superdrug Online Doctor scraped more than 40, sex- and STD-related questions from Yahoo Answers going back toand it turns out the countries what is sex like yahoo answers asked the most sexy questions the UK, America, Australia, Spain, Italy, and India each had their own unique passion points.

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Both the US and Australia were most interested in straight-up "sex and intercourse" questions, but the Brits preferred using other sex-related terms -- like "male enhancement," "horny," and "erectile.

As for India, "masturbation" dominated the conversation on that country's section of Yahoo Answers.

We'll let you draw your own sex klip on what is sex like yahoo answers one. Gianni Jaccoma is a staff writer for Thrillist, and he whay all his sexy questions for when he's at the dentist. Follow his mumblemouthed yet erotic tweets gjaccomaand send your news tips to news thrillist.

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